Saturday, October 16, 2010

The 2011 budget: Sabah really got nothing!!!!

Not a very long time ago (before the budget 2011), Najib said ;
"We need to cut subsidies or we will become bankrupt by 2019"

"We have not enough money for scholarship"

but let see the "fools" he played...

on 2011 budget

1. Najib manage to integrated development project costing RM5 billion, which will include a 100-storey tower, and he simply said : "We need it because we can do it"
 Jari Merdeka ---> To be realistic, There is no benefits of this mega tower to Sabah just like the KLCC ...It's mahathirsm all again....

2. PM's residence gets RM65 mil facelift
Jari Merdeka ---->  PM...Do you really need this facelift, can this RM65 mil be put into better use for the rakyat especially to Sabahan and the sarawakian who desperatly need it?

3. No toll hike on four PLUS highways for five years, says Najib.
But did not tell the truth how much of the rakyat money will be used to compensate the highway robbers? Bear in mind that this compensation will use the rakyat's money "everyone" irrespective of whether you used the toll highway or not.
Jari Merdeka ----> Until now, are there any Sabahan outhere saw any toll in Sabah??? so, as our subsidies have been cut off, what is really this point worth to us??? Can you think after 5 years, the road users/toll payers quietly face a problems to manage his wealth once again as they have been "routined" by the free toll.

4. Sungai Buloh got 10 billions for house project besides 2,680 hectar land projet development on 2011.
Jari Merdeka -----> Sabahan, why the developments always given to the peninsular????
10 billions, its not a little amount of money.... can you think how big the benefits to the rakyat if just the money used to improves facilities in Sabah and Sarawak rurals especially in water and electricity supply?

There are many other items in the budget that benefit not the rakyat but to those you know who. No point grumbling and shout about it. This is what you get from the government you elect.

This budget will get big applause from those who have interest and will gain something in one way or another. But a majority of the rakyat will not be too happy for these kind of short term gain just to garner for votes.

It just like they give you 10 ringgit now but rob you 100 ringgit later.

modified from the original source - AnwarIbrahim blog.

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